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Games! -- tons of games -- educational games from the Environmental Protection Agency -- lots of games from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. -- so many games you won't be able to play them all!


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Interesting sites for kids and families: -- great site for kids from all over the world to send and read each others' stories -- fun activities including Arthur, Barney, Clifford, Teletubbies and more -- a site about the Berenstain bears -- great folktales from Korea - in Korean and English -- a variety of reading and writing activities -- very useful! -- Ukrainian home page (maps, tourism, links to sites etc.)


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Resources for teachers:

Miscellaneous -- Children's Book Council site, all about children's books and literacy activities -- for kids, parents, and teachers:  report helpers, theme units, shape books, and lots of activities -- lots of clipart for classroom use -- Tons of links to online resources for teachers K-8


Lesson Plans -- curriculum ideas, web projects, etc. -- good resource for lesson plans and much more -- lots of lesson plans -- thematic lesson plans all grade levels -- thematic units etc.


ESL Resources -- wonderful "Help" kits for ESL and mainstream teachers -- comprehensive ESL Site including forums, realtime chat, jobs, grammar, helplines, and multi-lingual content -- ESL resources -- tips, lesson plans, and classroom activities for ESL and mainstream teachers



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